Even though our footprint does not have a significant environmental impact, the group abides by an environmental policy that focuses on achieving and demonstrating sound environmental practices.

ADvTECH is well placed to educate our students and instil in them a deep respect for the environment and an understanding of the risks associated with global climate change. Environmental education forms an integral part of the curriculum at our schools. Two schools in the Centurus group are internationally certified eco-schools and have earned their platinum flags. Creating environmental awareness among our students and communities promotes the protection of the valuable natural assets of our country for the future. Practical initiatives to reduce water and electricity usage include the implementation of gas geysers under sinks, light switch movement sensors, rainwater capture tanks, recycling and back-up generators as well as reducing travel by using video conferencing.

When developing or expanding infrastructure, the properties department conducts impact studies to identify ways to mitigate potential negative effects on the environment. They also develop environmental management plans to

protect and maintain sites situated in eco-sensitive areas. During the design process of greenfields buildings as well as existing buildings, the department ensures that they are environmentally friendly. We run environmental programmes on an ongoing basis throughout the group and encourage a greater sense of environmental responsibility. Please read more about our sustainability projects at www.advtech.co.za.