Corporate Social Investment is a strategic imperative for the ADvTECH Group because there is an understanding that conducting business in a socially responsible way is both good business practice and an ethical investment in human capital. Our focus is on education and training, sustainability and enhancing employment opportunities for our students. However, it is using our experti​​se in education that we believe we can make the greatest difference. 

Companies cannot operate in an isolated fashion outside of the communities around them. This interdependence between business and society involves a mutually beneficial engagement between students and staff and the people they serve. In the ADvTECH Group there is a strong emphasis on volunteerism and on developing good citizenship among staff and students alike but effective CSI programmes ensure that both benefactor and recipient gain from the experience. 

The benefit to ADvTECH participants in CSI programmes is the opportunity to interact with people they might not otherwise encounter- a learning experience in itself. Serving others allows ADvTECH staff and students to enhance their own skills in multiple ways but more broadly also promotes social responsibility. For staff it encourages team building and personal growth and it also provides opportunities for students to develop work readiness skills through volunteering at NPOs. 

The IIE encourages ADvTECH brands to develop sustainable relationships with community based organisations so that, although student input changes from year to year, there is a cumulative and meaningful contribution to CSI projects. 

ADvTECH abides by a policy that focuses on responsible environmental practices in our own facilities and ensures students and staff undertake projects to protect the environment. Environmental education also forms an integral part of the curriculum in our schools.


 Group CSI