The group has a written policy on insider trading, adopted by the board, which states that no director, executive, manager or any employee who is likely to come into possession of price-sensitive information, may deal directly or indirectly in the company's shares during closed periods. The group adheres to the JSE Listings Requirements of at least two closed periods in each financial year. The first begins at the end of June until the publication of the interim results and the second at the end of December, the group's financial year-end, until the final audited results for the year are released. Further closed periods are declared as and when circumstances dictate.

Dealing in the company's shares by directors and members of Exco requires prior clearance from the chairman, and the company secretary retains a record of such dealings and approvals. Identified employees who are likely to have access to price-sensitive information require clearance from the group CEO before trading in the company's shares.