Information and communication technology (ICT) is regarded as an essential component in the management of the group's business and is, therefore, dealt with at the highest levels. The board has primary responsibility for ICT governance and for ensuring that prudent and reasonable steps are taken to make ICT strategy an integral part of and aligned with the group's strategic objectives.

The ICT department is headed by the chief information officer (CIO) who is a member of Exco and has regular interaction with board members. A framework for the management of ICT within the group has been developed. A centralised ICT department is responsible for infrastructure and the overall architecture of the systems, while operations identify and manage technology for their respective business processes. The framework makes provision for an ICT steering committee under the chairmanship of the group CEO to co-ordinate ICT across the group and ensure appropriate distribution of resources. The ICT management committee provides a forum for practical implementation and problem solving by the operations.

Strategic risks associated with ICT have been identified and are monitored, and the management of dealing with the identified strategic risks is overseen by the risk committee.

The group reviews its current technology on an ongoing basis, while considering opportunities to identify new and innovative technology that can be integrated into its strategy and processes. Security, disaster recovery and data management are also priority focus areas of the ICT department.