Executive Committee (EXCO)

Exco is responsible for making recommendations to the board regarding the group's policies and strategies and for monitoring their implementation in accordance with the board's directives. It plays a role in monitoring risks applicable to the group and reporting on these, as well as putting forward recommendations on the action to be taken, to the board. This includes the annual insurance review and formal risk analysis.

Exco has access to the expertise of board members and meets with the board, at least once a year, to ensure that they share a common vision for the future of the group. The divisional CEOs and other Exco members attend board meetings when appropriate, in order to ensure that there is optimum alignment between the board and management in the implementation of the group's strategies.

At year-end, Exco consisted of two executive directors, two divisional CEOs (who are also identified as prescribed officers of the company) and five senior executives (one of which is also identified as a prescribed officer of the company). RJ Douglas, who is the group CEO, is currently also the acting divisional CEO of the tertiary division.

Each of the group's three operating divisions (schools, tertiary and resourcing) have formal management structures that meet on a regular basis to ensure best practice in respect of corporate governance and internal controls.