Feb 04

CrawfordSchools™ dedication to excellence is an over-riding philosophy that permeates every aspect of our schools.  Our schools are committed to providing students with the finest well-rounded education available.  They encourage independent thought, nurture talent, and inspire students to achieve their full potential.

CrawfordSchools offers 8 specialist subjects in the timetable for Grade 10 to 12 - as well as the option of extra subjects by request - whilst Grade 9 students complete the 8 learning areas combined with several special options.  Grade 10 students have 4 compulsory subjects, and select at least 4 other subjects, without being restricted to 'packages'.  They are also encouraged to take Advanced Programme Mathematics or English. CrawfordSchools™ will soon be offering Cambridge subjects in Mathematics and English up to AS levels to further enhance the academic offering.

Crawfordians create a tradition of excellence played out both on and off the sporting fields. Crawford's cultural departments are extremely vibrant and challenging, offering extra-curricular participation in varied specialties. The sports departments offer two categories of sport - traditional competitive team sports and individual recreational and enrichment activities.

CrawfordSchools™ offer a number of leadership programmes and additional support services and lessons.  Facilities vary from campus to campus but most boast a 25m swimming pool, AstroTurf, tennis, netball and basketball courts, as well as cricket, soccer and rugby fields. The schools also have Drama, Music, Art and Dance studios, a Multimedia Centre, GoLab, Science Laboratories, an Audio-Visual Centre and an EGD Auto CAD Centre.   

Crawford North Coast also provides boarding for male and female students.  Their students enjoy a supported and guided extended-family system, with an abundance of opportunities available with the enriching CrawfordSchools™ ethos.  This environment has supportive boarder-teacher mentors, private small facilities with high-level of personal interaction.  There are organized off-campus visits. Facilities include private rooms for students in a secured environment.

"The matrics of 2018 achieved outstanding results, of which all our staff can be very proud! The exceptional matric results achieved across all our colleges testify to the CrawfordSchools™ commitment to consistently delivering academic excellence, while developing young people who are ready to take on the world. We acknowledge all our teachers, from grade 000 to 12, for their passion in creating a dynamic, stimulating and happy educational environment, our students for their drive and discipline, and our parent community for supporting the school's ethos to maximise the potential in every student." – Morag Rees (Managing Director)


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