Feb 04
Learning through touch, taste, smell, sight and sound
The children of The Bridge Assisted Learning School now have a sensory garden on campus for their five senses to explore.

The Bridge School in Beverley has opened a new sensory garden where learners can wander through and experience something new with each of their five senses.

The path, located near the school buildings on campus, takes them through a garden tunnel, along a scented and textured hopscotch path to the trampoline. Along the way, they can touch and taste the edible, indigenous plants.

Playing on the chimes and drumming on the brightly coloured pipes adds a lovely sound to the cheerful voices of the children.

Next, they can splash in the water trough to cool down in the heat of the day or have a look in the decorated mirrors as they finish at more cheerfully painted tubes along the wall where they can throw balls down the tubes to keep their fine-motor coordination skills well tuned.

Daniella van Dalen in Grade 6 shows Alaina Warren through the sensory garden.

Tamilyn Straub in Grade 6 shows Callum John in Grade 1 around the new sensory garden.


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